Right. What shall we test first?

Cutting plastic bottles to find a straight face.

Take care with that Stanley Knife!

How to attach plastic cardboard.

Curving the plastic might strengthen it.

Trying out a different method of cutting.

Carefully does it.

Try bending the plastic to fix it to the cardboard.

This was found to be a good way to strengthen the plastic and card.

The group agreed that this plastic-covered card would be stronger and more eco-friendly as it re-used materials.

In today’s session of Engineering Club, the group were given to challenge to find suitable materials to use as the bodywork for our racing car. They had the option to make it from Correx (manufactured corrugated plastic) or experiment with recyclable materials to make an eco-bodywork.

Here you can see some of the children at work experimenting with a mixture of used cardboard and plastic from large pop bottles.


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