Curriculum Intent

At Marsden Primary School, our curriculum is firmly based on our ethos – Everyone Cares, Everyone Matters. With this at the heart of everything we do, we plan, deliver and review our curriculum to ensure that children receive the highest quality experiences which challenges and promotes the ultimate aspirations for all. We want our children to leave Marsden having achieved our five golden goals:

  • To be Aspirational
  • To be Confident
  • To be Independent learners
  • To be Problem Solvers
  • To be Resilient

Our curriculum is bespoke to Marsden, seamlessly merging statutory knowledge and understanding within a wider ‘real-life’ context. The delivery follows an inter-woven style, with subjects linked into topics where it is appropriate but also taught as stand-alone facts where relevant. Basic skills are given a high priority across all subjects to ensure our children have a broad and balanced curriculum experience. Our geographical and socio-economic environment play a large part in directing the choice of topics and the experiences we want the children to have. Providing the children with ‘real’ experiences is at the core of everything we plan, looking outside of the classroom walls for learning and life experiences. Throughout our curriculum, we support the view that respecting faith, values, belief and opinions fosters a community of tolerant and accepting children which is essential to school life but also prepares them to be an asset to the community they are going to live in.

Through the creation of our curriculum, the teaching staff have set themselves key non-negotiables which every child at Marsden will receive no matter which class, set or group they are in. These criteria are above and beyond the statutory requirements set out by the Department of Education, but as a school we firmly believe they are essential to ensuing our children gain the very best from our school.

Our 3 Marsden MUSTS are:

  • Children to be involved in their learning – before, during and after.
  • Every class to have a visit or a visitor linked to each topic.
  • Learning to be active and practical

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