Please see below the information for Year 1.

Teacher: Miss Kane
Support: Mrs Lewis and Miss Corr

Name: Ellie Kane
Job Role: Year 1 class teacher
What I love about teaching: love building strong relationships with the children and watching them grow in confidence over the year. It is amazing to know that you can have such an impact on lots of young people’s lives.


Hobbies and Interest: My favourite thing to do is to go and watch the sunrise or sunset with my dog, Hugo.



Name: Tina Lewis
Job Role: Support Staff
What I love about teaching: I love helping the children to reach their full potential especially when children are finding something tricky and all of a sudden it clicks (a light bulb moment). their reaction and how proud they feel about managing to do it are priceless.
Hobbies and Interest: At the end of the day, I love to take my dog Diesel for a long walk and spend time with my Grandson.



Name: Nieve Corr
Job Role: Support Staff
What I love about teaching: I love being able to watch children grow and develop their own little personalities. Seeing them gain confidence in themselves, and being apart of that, makes me feel so proud.
Hobbies and Interest: Walks along the beach are one of me favourite things to do, especially with my dog! I love to read books, some of my favourite authors are: Roald Dahl and Michael Morpurgo.

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