We are two and a half hours from London.

All the kids have had their last rest break – well we’ll see!!!

Excitement is building.

  1. D O'Brien

    Everybody in Year 6 are so jealous of you as we are doing work!! We hope you have the most amazing time ever and Aaron said if you see the Queen will you send a photo!

    PS The class want to know if you are nearly there yet? x

    • C Marshall

      Year six we are watching Paddington bear on DVD whilst we travel the last two hours of the journey – we miss you too!!!

  2. S Hewitson

    Hope your journey hasn’t been too long and nobody has felt poorly. We are very jealous that you have watched a DVD. Enjoy your afternoon.

    Year 3

    • C Marshall

      Year 3 the DVD is just the beginning of the excitement!
      Will be getting to London just as you come back in from lunchtime!!! Enjoy

  3. Debra Taylor

    Loving the updates 🙂 Have fun everyone. Looking forward to seeing lots of photo’s of your adventures!

  4. Hope they’re all behaving! Can’t even imagine the noise levels on the bus haha Hope you all have a great time x

  5. Awww hope they have an amazing time can’t wait for more pictures 🙂 x

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