Dear Parents

As I am sure you will have heard, the Prime Minister announced a National Lockdown which includes the closure of Primary Schools to everyone apart from Key workers and Vulnerable children.

Due to the late timing of this announcement, I have decided that Marsden Primary School will be closed tomorrow (Tuesday 5th January 2021) to ALL pupils. This is to allow time for us to collate the information of Key workers, Vulnerable children and to organise the provision that will be in place in school. Please can I ask that you have a look at the updated link below detailing the current Key Worker list:

Tomorrow morning I will send out a questionnaire for you to complete to let us know if you are a key worker and if you would like your child to attend school. Once I have this information, i will provide a booking form which will be the same as the one we used in 2020, to allow us to know how many children will be in school each day.

For those children who will not be coming to school, remote learning will be provided. Again due to the timing of this announcement, there will be a shorter form of learning for the rest of this week which will be available by the end of tomorrow, with the higher quality remote learning from next Monday. The children have made so much progress during the Autumn Term and I appreciate how difficult home learning is, but hopefully we can support each other in the next half term.

Please be patient tomorrow and I will be in touch as soon as possible,

Kind regards

Mrs Caroline marshall

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  1. michelle hockridge

    Hiya is this information including the nursery I’m a little confused if the nurseries are open or not thanks Michelle.

    • Good Evening, yes this information applies to Nursery children as well. More information will be given tomorrow.

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