We have some very hungry children this morning and I think they are going to need all of the energy.

  1. Lindsey thomson

    Hope you all have a another great day today, like you did yesterday. Looking forward to seeing more photos throughout the day x

  2. Suzanne Roberts

    Love seeing all these wonderful photos. Hope you all have another amazing day and a safe journey home.

  3. S Hewitson

    It looks like you all had fun yesterday the photos looking amazing! Hope you have twice as much fun today!

    Year 3

  4. Fab idea been able to see the children and what there up to through out the day. Have a fab day x

  5. I spoke to some of your mams this morning who love reading about your news on the blog and are looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back tonight. Have a fun day and safe journey home! from Mrs O’Brien and all in Y6.

  6. It looks like you are having a great time Year 5!
    Year One would like to know if London is busy?
    What does London look like?
    We can’t wait to see more photographs!

    • C Marshall

      It is quite busy but we are managing the crowds!!!
      Just heading into the House of Parliament now

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