Year Six children are ‘evacuated’ to Beamish Farm

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The Year Six class took part in a visit to Beamish Open Air Museum on Wednesday 11th October. They and their teachers dressed up in 1940’s-style costumes, wore evacuee labels and carried their gas mask boxes with them as they re-enacted experiences of children who were evacuated to the countryside during World War 2. This was part of their curriculum theme ‘ Messages of Conflict’

They visited buildings on the town that would have been around during the 1930’3-1940’s, experienced baking war time biscuits and tried to black-out windows. They even had a go at a Home Guard training drill in case an invasion ever happened. A great big thank-you to all parents and families who helped to get the children dressed and ready to take part in the experience.

We all had a super time and here are some pictures of what we got up to on that super day.

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