Wilderness – Week 5

On Day Five it was another freezing day, but we wrapped up warm and braved the cold. We went on a word work around the park, to look for ideas to create a story. Over the last five weeks we have heard lots of stories. My favourite is the monster story who attacked the lighthouse, but lots of people liked the wrecker and smugglers stories.

After we got back to the lighthouse we shared all of our ideas and started to plan our story, we needed our story to have five parts. We worked our socks off all afternoon to create our own story about the lighthouse. But in the end we were rewarded with a biscuit.

Bethany, Lucy C, Millie and Daniel

Wilderness – Week 4

My favourite part of this week was creating the stone stacks! Stone stacks are used to guide walkers or to indicate that it is a special place. The wherry has been special to use during our time at wilderness school, as it is where we have our campfires (especially if we get marshmallows). We each built a stone stack using a variety of stones. They were difficult to balance, but great fun.

Lucy R, Sophie and Harley


Today at wilderness school we made rectangles using nails, string and metre sticks. We had to make rectangles with a perimeter of eight metres. It was harder than expected because it was difficult to ensure the lines were straight.

Ben Isaac and Ellie J


In small groups we looked at different places around the lighthouse and measured the perimeter and the area. We measured the park, vegetable garden and fog horn. To make measuring easier we used trundle wheels.

Bradley, Aaron and Ethan


With Mrs Potter on the afternoon we made kites. We used canes and plastic to make them. They were tricky to make! After we had made them we were allowed to decorate them and make a tail! We them took them home to fly over the weekend. It was great fun!

Chloe, Josh, Jess P and Jack

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Wilderness – Week 3

Down came snow!

Unfortunately on Day Three it snowed. So we stayed in the classroom on the morning, we looked at food chains and what types of animals and plants we would be likely to find on the beach.

When we did venture out it wasn’t as bad as expected, however the wind was freezing. We walked down to the wherry and looked in the rock pools for the creatures we learnt about earlier in the day.

Charlotte, Callum and Abigail

On the beach we collected sticks, seaweed, rocks and shells. We went back to school to create our own sea mobiles. We made them by getting a large stick, then tying what we had collected with a piece of string.

Ellie G and Layton

Wilderness – Week 2

My favourite part of today was creating the sea monster sculptures. We made these because when we were sat around the campfire we were told a story about a sea monster that attacked the lighthouse. We were put into groups of five and began to sculpt our monsters. We used all natural materials, and worked well together as a team.

On the afternoon we created our own stories about sea monsters. We took inspiration from our surroundings, and tried to use some of the devices we have learnt about at school. Such as personification, similes, metaphors and powerful verbs.

Eva and Alfie

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Wilderness – Week 1

As I walked to Souter lighthouse I didn’t know what to feel, should I be happy or should I be nervous? I felt all my emotions were wrapped in a thick ball wrapped together in excitement. Once we arrived we were told what to expect, and were split into three teams, The Smugglers, The Wreckers and The Miners. I thought it sounded great!

Today we had lots of fun doing a treasure hunt. Each teacher had riddles, when they were read out to us we had to solve the riddle. Then find the coordinate on a map. I enjoyed the treasure hunt today because we got to explore the whole park, including climbing a very high hill.
Eva, Owen, Jess and Keira.
After lunch we spent time in the classroom at the lighthouse. We made smugglers hats. These were very simple, easy and good fun to make. Check out our photo!