Home time

Well here is my final blog for London 2017

We are all on the bus and heading from Wetherby to Marsden. We expect to arrive at 11:20pm

I can’t believe it was less than 48 hours since we left school and we have managed to fit so much in. As we knew they would be, the children have been amazing, enjoying every moment of the adventure and showing London how good our school is.

Can I say a few thank you’s to all of the parents who supported this trip, I know it was an unknown but I really appreciate your trust and commitment to the trip. Secondly a big thank you to Kev and Peter from explore4all who made the trip such a success and showed Year 5 the true highlights of the capital city. Finally an extra special thank you to all of the staff who gave up their time to share this trip with Year 5, you have been brilliant and I couldn’t have done it without you.

Thank you

Mrs Caroline Marshall


Houses of Parliament

IMG_0414 IMG_0415

A very exciting visit to the House of Parliament.

We have been into the viewing gallery in the House of Lords to watch the debate, had a visit to the House of Commons to see the room and are now in a laws workshop – what a full day!