TT Rockstars Hall of Fame

This week we were looking for children with the quickest reaction times! Congratulations to:


Jessica – 8.45 seconds

Sophia-Skye – 12.77 seconds

Lucas – 14.29 seconds


Daisy – 2.88 seconds

Oscar D – 2.90 seconds

Tristan – 3.77 seconds


Sophie: 1.30 seconds

Deacon: 1.70 seconds

Erin: 1.89 seconds

Congratulations to Y6 for winning last week’s Battle of the Bands! Enjoy your extra play time! Who will win between Y3 and Y4 this week?


TT Rockstars Hall of Fame

Coolest avators this week were made by…….

Lucy, Federico and Riley in Y2

Max, Erin and Ruby in LKS2

Brodie, Leon and Dominic in UKS2

Next week we’ll be looking at quickest reaction times!

Battle of the Bands starts between Y5 and Y6 now!

Play as much as you can! Results will be announced in next Tuesday’s assembly…..

Hall of Fame

Amazing results this week! Our Hall of Famers are the children who have increased their speed the most since first trying the game. Congratulations to Federico, Lucas and Jessica in KS1; Joel, Lola and Emily in LKS2 and Nicholas, Curtis and Elizabeth in UKS2. This week the teachers will be looking for the coolest avators ….. so play lots, earn those coins and start customising!! Also, watch this space for a Battle of the Bands launching very soon ……

TT Rockstars Hall of Fame

Congratulations to Sophia-Skye, Ava and Lucy from KS1, Cole, Daisy and Oscar D for LKS2 and Deacon, Erin and Reuben from UKS2 for having the most coins in their bank this week!

Next week we are looking for children who have made the biggest difference from their starting speed to their current speed! Good luck everybody!

TT Rockers of the Week!

Here are our rockstars of the week! Well done to Jessica, Federico and Lucas from KS1, Bradley, Harvey and Oscar from LKS2 and Elizabeth, Curtis and Nicholas from UKS2 who worked hard to improve their reaction times! Rock on Marsden!

TT Rockstars Hall of Fame

Here are Marsden’s first ever Rock Legends of the Week! Well done to Ava, Maisie and Jessica from KS1, Daisy, Autumn and Tristan from LKS2 and Sophie, Nicholas and Deacon from UKS2 for recording the fastest response times this week. ┬áNext week we’ll be looking for rockers with the most money banked! Rock on Marsden,