Thurston Update

All of the groups are back at the centre and enjoying a hot chocolate.

It has been a successful day with some great challenges for the children – climbing, stream walking and scree jumping.

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Second night update

Day 3 – another successful night. Pouring down and windy through the night but seems to have calmed down now. Everyone is having a great time.

Internet reception is poor, so a blast of photos has come through this morning!1 Enjoy…

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Superstar Reader in Year One

Well done to Evie who has worked so hard to achieve one hundred home reads! She is the first person in Year One to reach 100 on our Reading Rocket and is working towards her next target of 125 home reads. Congratulations Evie!

I wonder who will be the next person to reach 100 reads!

Penguin fun in Year One

In Year One we have been learning about non-fiction texts.

Everyone has worked very hard to create their own penguin books: collecting facts, writing information sentences and choosing photographs.

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We are so proud of our work!

Elmer in EYFS

To begin our topic of “My Colourful World”, the Early Years have been looking at the Elmer stories. We have had such fun making our own Elmers, experimenting with different patterns and making posters get a lost teddy back home.

Here are some pictures of creations.

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