House Captains for 2017

Our first job this year was the VERY important decision of who would lead our four houses to victory this year.

The Year 6 children all stepped up to the task and wrote some amazing speeches to convince the rest of KS2 to vote for them.

So, we are very proud to announce that are new Captains and Vice Captains are:


Goodbye Year 6!

Goodbye Year 6!

The month of July has been an extremely busy time for the pupils of Year 6. They have experienced lots of exciting activities before leaving for their future at secondary school. These range from a sandcastle challenge where they sculptures a large model of George Stephenson’s ‘Rocket’ from sand, a cycle ride to South Shields with the Community Police and a workshop with archaeologist, Stephen Robertson, who gave them the opportunity to handle Roman artefacts.

In recognition of their excellent attitude and commitment to the demands of Year 6 throughout the year, the children were rewarded with a visit to the ‘Dunes’ for games of bowling followed by lunch from Colman’s and games in the park.

Amidst all of this, the children managed rehearsals for their end of school assembly and two transition days at Whitburn Academy. As their proud teacher, I feel they are now fully prepared for ‘The Next Big Step’ in their lives. Good Luck year 6 and achieve great things!

WE Project

Today, on the 21st of June 2017 the WE movement came to Marsden Primary School. Once the bell had gone for the beginning of the day and all the classes had completed their register, all the pupils lined up eagerly, awaiting the assembly.

Once all of KS2 was inside the hall, they were introduced to Alex (a man who worked for WE). He told all of the pupils about how anybody could change the world, no matter how small or how big. To make sure everybody believed him, he told us a true story about an Indian boy.

He was born in a poor part of India, that was rural. The village in which he lived had no school, so when a group of men came to his village and promised the children an education, his parents jumped at the opportunity to give their child a better life.

Little did they know, that the men worked for a company that made carpets, they used the children to make them.

The boy worked eighteen hours a day every day, when he was just four years old. This continued until he was ten, when a human rights group set him free.

From then on, he wanted to let the world know how awful child labour is. He did speeches all over the world, including places like Boston in the United States of America.

As soon as his speeches became popular the sales of carpets began to drop. Until one of the companies got angry at him and shot him, while he cycling with his friends.

A boy who was reading the newspaper the day afterwards was so angry at the article about it, he tore it out of the newspaper and showed it to his class. He asked if anybody was willing to join him and prevent events like what happened to the Indian boy. Eleven hands went up, and the boy, the eleven children and his brother founded WE , in a classroom in 1995.

WE helps developing countries all over the world. That includes countries like, Kenya, rural China and Haiti. They help hundreds of villages get access to clean drinking water and good, nutritious food.

By Ben Hardie Y6

South Tyneside Dance Festival

What an amazing show our Year 6 children put on at The Customs House!

Tonight and last night, the group performed their own routine to Run DMC’s “It’s like that” . Not only did they impress their audience with their moves but, as always, they represented Marsden perfectly with impeccable behaviour.

A special thank you to Rachel from SAFC for helping the children bring together the dance.

Year 6 – Well Done

Dear Year 6,

Last week you have all completed your SATs for reading, maths, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.  We know that you have worked incredibly hard, and we are extremely proud of each and every one of you.

The SATs week has been hanging over you for so long and I know for every child, parent, carer, relative and teacher it is a horrible time. It may feel that ‘everything’ about you hangs on these tests but we want you to know that is not the case. We have 31 unique children making up our 2017 Year 6 class, all offering amazing talents, skills and abilities which can never be measured through a test.

A week away with your friends at Broomley Grange and the memories you are making are just as, if not more important that the tests you have completed. The life skills you will come home with and the new adventures you will share, I hope will allow last week to become just a distant memory that will be forgotten.

So remember that you are amazing, unique, and very special.  It has been a privilege to teach you and to watch you grow into the lovely young people we see today.

We would like to say a very well done to you, not just for working so hard this week, but for everything that you are – keep it up.

With very best wishes,

Mrs Marshall and all of the staff at Marsden Primary School

Sponsored fitness with Hiit2OH

On Tuesday the whole school discovered muscles they did not know they had when Ant Clennan brought his Hiit2OH programme into school.

From the pupils to the teachers everybody had an amazing day and can’t wait to use the programme again in their PE lessons.

Have a look at the videos and photos below to see how much fun we had.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

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