Year Six visits ‘The Word’

Year Six visited The Word in South Shields for a series of activities revolving around filming some  scripts written about World War Two.

The children also had a fascinating session on constructing Lego robots and then using bluetooth to link them to i-pads.

Here are some pictures of what we did.

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Year Six find out about food for healthy hearts.

Two scientists from Greenshift education came into school to help Year Six find out more about keeping their heart healthy. Katie and Angela lead the class through a series of activities – they found out that our children knew quite a lot already about how the heart functions and how to keep it healthy.

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Football News!

Many thanks to you all who have supported Our Team so far this season.  The league is suspended for the winter break with the final two matchdays scheduled to take place as planned:

  • Tuesday 6th March (3:45-5:30pm)
  • Tuesday 20th March (3:45-5:30pm)

Current league standings can be found by clicking the link below:


Many Thanks

Year Six children are ‘evacuated’ to Beamish Farm

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The Year Six class took part in a visit to Beamish Open Air Museum on Wednesday 11th October. They and their teachers dressed up in 1940’s-style costumes, wore evacuee labels and carried their gas mask boxes with them as they re-enacted experiences of children who were evacuated to the countryside during World War 2. This was part of their curriculum theme ‘ Messages of Conflict’

They visited buildings on the town that would have been around during the 1930’3-1940’s, experienced baking war time biscuits and tried to black-out windows. They even had a go at a Home Guard training drill in case an invasion ever happened. A great big thank-you to all parents and families who helped to get the children dressed and ready to take part in the experience.

We all had a super time and here are some pictures of what we got up to on that super day.

Questions for the Players….

Our Year 6 children enjoyed sharing their afternoon with SAFC players and wanted to tell you a little bit about their experiences….

I asked Adam Matthews who is Sunderland best player and he said Jermain Defoe, my other question was your best win against crystal Palace 4-2 or 5-2 Billy said it was our best win and it was a surprise.

Jasmin Hornsey

We were asking Adam Matthews and Billy questions and I got to hold the ball on the photograph.

Willow Halliday

It has been the best day – I got my glasses case signed by both of the Sunderland players.

Dominic Ryan

The best thing about the visit was when Samson and Delilah, the two black cats came into the classroom and everybody got to get their photo with them.

Poppy Halliday

My favourite thing about the Sunderland visit was when I got my bag signed, also I asked Billy Jones, “What was your first job?”  He replied with “I was lucky enough to get onto a football team when I was 16.”

Josh Taylor

My favourite part about Sunderland A.F.C coming to our school was when Adam Matthews answered my question. I asked, “What did you want to be when you were younger?” Adam replied with “I have always wanted to be a footballer even when I was little.”

Neve Hughes

The best part from the Sunderland visit was meeting the players who are called Adam Mathews and Billy Jones.  Like  everyone else, I asked the players a question, it was ‘How did you get on to the Sunderland football team?’ Billy Jones replied with ‘It was my love for football and my determination to play.’

Charlie Begg

The best part was when Billy Jones answered my question. I asked “When were you given the opportunity to play for a football team?”  He said “I would always go to the park when I was about 9 or 10 with my Dad and then I got onto the school team and then luckily got to play for Sunderland”.

Amelia Metcalfe

My favourite moment of this afternoon was when Billy Jones answered my question, “How do you feel when you score a goal?” He replied, “ Surprised really, but then really happy.” I was very lucky because my question is on the video.

Nick Mills

The most amazing parts was getting my football singed, getting a high-five off Adam Matthews and Billy Jones and answering my question ‘who inspired you to be a footballer?’ he answered with ‘”My Bad inspired me, he would take me into the park to play footie and he would take me to lots of matches.”

Phoebe Coombe

My favourite moment was where we all asked questions about the players and I was fortunate enough to sit next to Billy Jones one of the defenders.  My question was, “How do you feel being an inspiration to so many young people?”

Shane Withers

The most amazing thing that happened this afternoon was asking Billy Jones and Adam Matthews who play for Sunderland, some questions. I asked Billy Jones, “If you didn’t play for Sunderland what team would you play for?” He said “I would like to play for my home town, Shrewsbury.”

Amelia Hicks

My favourite part was when we asked our questions to Billy Jones and Adam Matthews. I asked “What has been your worst injury?” Billy answered “I tore my ligament on my hip.” Then Adam replied “I tore my ligament in my shoulder.”

Faith Brown

The most amazing part of today was when we got to ask many questions to two players from Sunderland football club. I asked two questions, the first one was “Have you ever played for another team?” and he answered with “Yes I did, I played for West Brom”. At first I didn’t catch the name but luckily Nicholas out of the class gave me the name. The second one was “Do you like all the players on your team?” and he answered with “Yes I do really, all the lads on my team are quite a laugh and I’m really good mates with them”.

Alanna McGee

The beat part of today for me was having the experience of meeting two players from Sunderland football club and when one of them answered my question which was, “What was your worst injury?”

India Hemmer

I loved today as I got to get the signatures of two of the players.

Chloe Berry

I liked meeting the two football players from Sunderland and it was exciting that the BBC news camera was here.

Willow Halliday



Bring it On Engineering Day

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A group of 15 children from year 5 and 6 applied for and were selected to go on a one day visit to the Sunderland Stadium of Light for an exciting, interactive engineering exhibition on Tuesday 3rd October. What a great day we all had.