Fire Safety Talk in Year 2

This week we had a special visit from Bri, a firefighter from Tyne & Wear Fire and Rescue Service. He helped the children understand about fire safety at home, in the past and today. We were very interested in everything he told us and loved meeting the new firefighter Jessica!

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Mondrian Masterpieces From Home

Following on from our discovery of Mondrian, Year 2 children created their own Mondrian style pictures at home. They all look fabulous and make our classroom look very colourful.


Marvellous Mondrian

In Year 2, we have begun to explore colour. We have found out that Mondrian liked to use primary colours to create his abstract art. We created our own Modrian pictures by drawing both on the computer and with the colouring equipment, as well as using collage. We love our abstract art!

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Delicious Chocolate

In Year 2 we have become masters of chocolate.

We’ve found out where it comes from and how it was first discovered.

After exploring how chocolate is made today, and reading some of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, we decided to design our own chocolate bars.

The designs were amazing and the children were very inventive so we decided, as a class,  to make the best three chocolate bar designs.

We all worked together to create the spectacular chocolate slabs and they tasted delicious!

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The Day ZooLab came to Year 2

We had some very interesting visitors in Year 2. Rob, from ZooLab, brought his rainforest animals into school so we could find out more about them.

We enjoyed handling the different animals and we found out some interesting facts about them!

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