Chicken House





Jake from Year 2 was so impressed with our chickens, he went home and decided they needed a better house.

Working with his Mam and Dad, he produced a chicken mansion, with it’s very own garage.

I feel a new career is ahead of him.


A sad goodbye


On Friday we all had a tear in our eye when we said goodbye to our chicks.

The school has buzzed with excitement watching them come out of the eggs and start to grow.

We know they are going to a good home and look forward to seeing them again in a few months when they come back.


The incubator is becoming a bit full, so we have moved our first three boys into the brooding box, so they can start tucking into the chicken crumbs and give the new TWO chicks a chance to get themselves sorted.

IMG_0599 IMG_0600

Chicken Number Two

Well, Chick Number One was only on its own for about an hour before Chick Number Two made an appearance.

Yet to be named, but more than happy to join our family, we await the next arrival!

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As you may have heard….we have 10 eggs at school and the excitement is building waiting for them to hatch.

But half an hour ago our first chick was welcomed to Marsden – named Superchick, we hope that the rest come out to join soon.

Watch this space!!

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